Welcome Speech
Welcome from District Mayor
Date: 2015年02月03日

       Welcome to Nanshan!

  Nanshan District is located to the south of South China Sea, to the east of the Shenzhen Bay, to the west of the Pearl River entrance, and across the sea of Hong Kong’s Yuenlong connected by the Shenzhen Bay Bridge.

  Known by its ancient name Nantou, Nanshan has an extensive history of more than 1,700 years. It is the real record of the ups and downs of Shenzhen and Hong Kong and the cultural root of the region. It is, more importantly, where China’s Reform and Opening-up originated from. China’s first international industrial zone was established in Shekou, Nanshan in July 1979. The closing ceremony of the 26th Summer Universiade held in August 2011 was a triumph for Nanshan, which greatly elevated its status and reputation as a vibrant and inclusive community.

  As a leader in innovation and entrepreneurship, Nanshan owns 1,163 national high-tech enterprises, accounting for 40.1% of that of Shenzhen, and holds 60% of the state, provincial and municipal key laboratories and enterprise technology centers in the city. In turn, it is the home to 7,000 doctorate degree graduates, 20,000 overseas returnees as well as more than 100,000 high-tech calibers. Nanshan has the greatest concentration of listed companies in urban China. ZTE, Tencent and 106 other corporations are among many renowned international companies throughout the world. In 2013, the GDP of the whole district was 320.6 billion RMB, ranking the first among the top 10 administrative regions of Guangdong province.

  At present, we are dedicated to developing Nanshan as a pioneering and demonstration district featuring scientific research, independent innovation, modern service industry, harmonious community and qualified education. With all heart and soul, Nanshan is building a responsible and service-oriented government under the rule of law. By constantly improving the levels of public service and internationalization, we are striving throughout our costal area to provide a green, livable and lively environment for the citizens and industries.

  We invite you to live, work, visit and conduct business here in Nanshan. Let us joint hands and work closely to contribute to its charm and history for years to come, and to fulfill our passionate dream of a great and historic Nanshan!