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HOW TO BE A GOOD GP(Speech Draft)
Date: 2014年06月02日


  Ladies and gentleman,

  Good afternoon. Its my honor to speak here, and I am very glad to share my career with you. Please allow me to introduce myself.

  I am a doctor.

  I work as a general practitioner at health services center of Shekou People’s Hospital, Huaguoshan East community.

  Does anybody know how long it takes to learn to be a doctor? The answer is a whole life time.

  After spending five years to obtain my bachelor’s degree, I attended the general practice training for another 3 years. When I actually got to work, I found that it was more different than I had expected.

  Firstly, some patients come to the clinic to ask for IV infusion for the flue, even though they are not very sick. No matter how I try to persuade them, they still insist. They don’t believe resting for several days is good enough. Because almost every patients hope to recover as soon as possible. However they don’t really understand that the excessive treatment might be detrimental to their health.

  Secondly, I am also responsible for patient education, particularly for children, women and the old. For example, we should take more exercise to have better health. However,many of the target audience prefer to watch TV at home. These things make me feel very confused. Then last year, I was enrolled in an official training program about general practices in Monash University Australia which was developed by Shenzhen medical education center. From this program, I learned more about GP. And I found that the relationship between patients and doctors could be very close. Here’s a common scenes in the GPs clinic which I saw in Australia. A mother took a child to the doctor, instead of incessant crying, the 5 year old baby was very quiet when the doctor did some check on his health. After the check, the doctor took another 5 minutes to listen to the mother’s concerns, then he explained outcome of the child health care in the last 5 minutes. Professor John Murtagh had once taught us, what makes a good doctor? There are 3 elements to be a good doctor: caring, responsibility and knowledge.

  From then on, I began to realize the value of my job. In my opinion, before curing the disease, I should let the patient know prevention is better than cure. I understand a truth that we should stick to the right things. I’ll try my best to let people know health is most important for any of us.

  All in all, medical career is such a career that while it’s challenging, it has great value at the same time. I believe we will win the very respect of the whole society through continuous efforts.

  I love my career. Thank you.

  (Hong Wei, from Shekou People’s Hospital)