i NanShan
Date: 2014年09月19日



  Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen.

  I guess many of you have watched the World Cup these days. In a football match, a brilliant player may have a dozen shots. If he is lucky, he may have 2 or 3 goals, which makes his scoring rate at 20 to 30 percent. If a player could have a scoring rate of 60 to 70 percent, we would call him a LEGEND. Now, suppose you have appendicitis and need surgery, and the surgeon who will operate on you has a success rate of 70 percent. Wow, can you live with that? So if the success rate is not a good way to evaluate a doctor, then what’s the most valuable quality a doctor should have?

  My name is Hao xiaoming. I work in Shekou People’s Hospital as a dentist. I’d like to tell you a story first. A farmer, who had a tumor in his face for a year, came to see a doctor. After a simple examination, the doctor ordered an x-ray for him. “What is an x-ray?” the farmer asked .The doctor was busy with another patient and blurted out: “Just take the x-ray; it’s good for your health.” So the farmer took the checklist and left. He showed up the next day, with a pad of photographs in his hands, and the photos were taken at a photo studio near the hospital. “Will I feel better now?” he asked.

  Obviously, it’s a case of poor communication .If the doctor could be considerate and take more time to explain to the patient, the misunderstanding would not have happened.

  The following story happened when I was an intern. A foreigner came to me, complaining of a severe toothache in a mixture of English and awkward Chinese and with a lot of body language. He showed me his red, swollen eyes due to a sleepless night, and began to tell me his long therapy story. I interrupted him, partly because of my bad English at that time, partly because of my clear understanding of his diagnosis from his symptoms. I gave a short introduction to the treatment; I drilled his tooth, put some medicine inside, and sent him away. I was quite confident about the treatment, and I was also certain he would come back with a heart of gratefulness. However, he didn’t come back for the next visit. A few months later I encountered him elsewhere and asked him why didn’t come back .He told me reluctantly, he said: “Well, your hospital is wonderful, it is a beautiful facility, there’s a giant atrium, but…” he said, “but you never talked to me.” I was confused: “What should we have talked about, our machine has already scanned you inside out.” He shook his head and told me: “Apart from the cutting-edge technology, I prefer a doctor who would listen to me and talk to me.” His words inspired me, and this was the initial motivation for me to learn English.

  Here comes the question: Besides remarkable skills and medical ethics, what’s the most valuable quality a doctor should have? Besides fantastic buildings and advanced equipments, what’s the most important feature an international hospital should have? My answer is communication and caring.

  Hippocrates once said: “doctors have three magic weapons: language, medicine and scalpel.” Another famous doctor’s epitaph is: to cure sometimes, to relieve often, and to comfort always.

  These physicians all put communication and caring before other treatment methods and this is also the heart of the doctor-patient relationship. Only if a patient gets his mental, physical and emotional recuperation, will he be satisfied with the hospital process. The satisfaction level, from both locals and foreigners, is a reflection of the health insurance system and internationalization of a city.

  In conclusion, I would like to propose to all of the doctors, to everyone here today: just slow down, talk to your patients, talk to your families, talk to your friends .Never underestimate the power of a gentle touch, a big smile ,a kind word ,a listening ear, or a helping hand. Medical science can truly improve our lives, but only communication and caring can help us to build a beautiful, harmonious and an international Shenzhen.

  Thank you for your attention.

 ?。℉ao Xiaoming, doctor, the second place of Shenzhen 2014 English Speech Competition For Service Business Professionals )