Checkpoint sets record for visitors over the weekend
Date: 2018年01月30日

  A Total of more than 260,000 visits were made through Shenzhen Bay Checkpoint in Nanshan District over the weekend.The number of visitors on Sunday alone was more than 184,000,setting a single-day record for the year, the Shenzhen Special Zone Daily reported yesterday.

  As the Chinese New Year is approaching,a large number of Hong Kong residents are making trips to the mainland to visit friends and family or to shop for the festival.On the other hand,as the Chinese RMB is on the rise,many mainland residents are also rushing to Hong Kong to shop.

  In addition,since most schools in mainland cities started their winter holiday last Friday,many families have been departing from the Hong Kong airport for trips overseas.All of the above factors contributed to the inflation of visitors at Shenzhen Bay Checkpoint,according to the checkpoint authority.

  The checkpoint's lobby saw a lot of Hong Kong residents early Saturday morning,and also some passengers of international flights,waiting in line to cross the border.

  It was only 9 a.m.when the lobby was full of visitors and more were coming.In order to make mobilization smoother,the police at the checkpoint had to let the visitors cross the border in groups.Order at the lobby returned to normal at around 11 a.m.

  At around 6 p.m.,as mainland visitors were coming back from Hong Kong,the checkpoint saw another peak flow of people.The lines were all the way to the boundary of Shenzhen and Hong Kong at 8 p.m.

  By the end of the day,Shenzhen Bay Checkpoint had examined and allowed over 184,000 visitors to cross the border.The number was only 4,000 fewer than the checkpoint's all-time single-day record.

  Over 80,000 visitors entered and exited through Shenzhen Bay Checkpoint the next day,with peak hours from 10 3 p.m.

  (Zhang Qian)