Important Information for Foreigners
Date: 2014年09月29日

Please read the following for a happy stay in Nanshan:

1. A er entry into China, foreigners shall complete accommodationregistration procedures in accordance with Chinese laws andregulations.a) When lodging at a hotel, register with the hotel in accordance withthe Public Security Administration Regulations for Hotels;b) To lodge at a place other than hotel, report to the local police stationwithin 24 hours of arrival (72 hours in rural areas) with the lodger`spassport and certificate as well as the host`s residence booklet (or a leaseagreement in case of rented housing) and complete the registration form oftemporary accommodation, a copy of which should be stamped with an official seal and kept by the lodge for future application purposes;c) Foreigners holding a residence permit who wish to lodgeelsewhere than their own residence shall report and register their newaccommodation in accordance with the above rules.

2. Foreigners holding visas F, L, G, C, and J-2 may stay in Chinawithin the validity of the visa. If you need to prolong your stay inChina, please go to the Entry-Exit Administration Departmentof Shenzhen Municipal Public Security Bureau to apply for a visaextension.

3. Foreigners holding visas Z, X, and J-1 shall, within 30 daysof entry into China, obtain residence permit from the Entry-Exit Administration Department of Shenzhen Municipal PublicSecurity Bureau. Foreigners who wish to work or study in NanshanDistrict shall first apply to Nanshan Public Security Bureau andacquire residence qualification documents before applying to theMunicipal Bureau for the residence permit. Foreigners holdingvalid residence permit can exit and enter China without applyingfor a visa.

4. Foreigners without residence permit or part of study programin China cannot be employed in China. Foreigners who areemployed to work in Nanshan District (including those whoinvest in a company or factory, standing representatives, scientificor technological experts, engineering, cultural or educationalspecialists, etc.) shall, within 30 days of their entry, apply to theShenzhen Labor Bureau for an Employment License for anEmployment License for Alien, which will lead to an EmploymentPermit/Certificate for Aliens upon approval of residencequalification, or apply to Shenzhen Bureau of Foreign Experts Affairs for a Foreign Experts Certicate. Then, together with HealthExamination Certificate (issued by Shenzhen Kou An Hospital)and the Registration Form of Temporary Accommodation, aliensmay apply for a Residence Permit at the Nanshan Public SecurityBureau and the Municipal Bureau(as specified by No. 3).

5. At the fixed day, foreigners residing in Nanshan District andholding Residence Permit issued by Shenzhen Municipal PublicSecurity Bureau shall submit their passports and Residence Permitsfor annual inspection to the Entry-Exit Administration Section ofNanshan Public Security Bureau.

6. Foreigners aged 16 and upwards who reside or stay in China shallcarry with them their passports at all times for possible examinationby police.

7. A foreigner whose passport is lost or stolen/robbed shallpromptly report to the local police station and then, with theReceipt of Case Reporting obtained, go to the Entry-ExitDepartment of Shenzhen Municipal Public Security Bureau for aConfirmation of Lost Passport, so as to exit China or to apply tohis/her embassy or consulate for a new passport.

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For more information, please visit Division of Exit-entry
Administration of Shenzhen Public Security Bureau.
The Entry-Exit Administration Section of Nanshan Public SecurityBureau
Address: NO. 388 Nanshan Ave, Nanshan District, Shenzhen.
Tel: 0755-8446 6099
The Entry-Exit Departmentof Shenzhen Municipal Public SecurityBureau
Address: 4016 Jiefang Rd., Luohu District, Shenzhen.
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