Sea World “U” Volunteer Service Station "International Feel"
Date: 2014年11月13日

       Report from our correspondent (reporter Song Wenfei correspondent He Yafeng), sea world “U” stand is a voluntary service brand merchants street. But due to the construction for many years, hardware and software need to upgrade. Recently, sea world “U” volunteer service station internationalization upgrade has been started.

  As reported, about the upgrade work, communist China merchants streets, volunteers association of the youth corps committee, the street party working and support of relevant units. After the upgrade was matched the sea world overall internationalized atmosphere, in the service will be further perfect volunteer services, improving the capacity of voluntary service, voluntary service internationalization level.

  In the afternoon on October 11, the reporter saw a special duty volunteers at “U” station, social workers from foreign service station.The social worker have good spoken language, she was on duty during in addition to provide basic voluntary service to foreigners; Will also accept a volunteer service intention at the scene of expatriates consulting, registration.